Ellina showed me my biggest layer after just a few days of mentoring. What then happened step by step is a new world order in truth. Day by day I get deeper into my own unique frequency through feeling. It is an entirely new consciousness that is establishing itself. A completely new perception, recognition and feeling. From a higher octave. My conviction of my creative power has increased so enormously. I no longer allow myself to be influenced by the outside! Really: for me it’s such a gigantic shift because in the past I let myself be completely influenced that it drove me crazy. I couldn’t fill my room with my own. I was constantly absorbed by external events and was torn up until get no. Now I’m so super clear and free. I experience more and more joy and power.
And this enormous transformation after a few weeks of mentoring and daily practice. I am still flashed! I experience miracles day after day and my manifestations in the divine order slowly begin to materialize themselves … one after another. I don’t even try to understand it with my mind. I am amazed and grateful because this world works very differently than previously thought and experienced. The world is pure magic. And I am finally the creator of my life. I influence what I want to experience. I influence what I want to receive and I influence the harmony outside. It is truly creating the world as I like it.
Cause suffering, chaos and lack are our creations. But not the creations of divinity in us. Day by day, I am more and more embodying the truth that I am. It is a whole new state of consciousness. Perception from a higher octave. You recognize God in everything. In you. In me. In the animal. In the tree. You are connected You see it you feel it This is where Ellina takes you. Because we all are. My self-worth exploded to a level within the first few weeks that I never even dreamed of. My self-love is constantly so strong that I would like to merge with myself in a unified sphere of light. All organs all cells merged into a ball of light. I no longer have to assert myself with my children. It’s me. I embody it. I don’t have to justify what I want anymore. I communicate with my soul because I can finally grasp, feel and call up her language and her sound patterns. It’s a whole new life that I’m leading. I follow completely new laws and rules in my everyday life. There is no more control. I follow. I follow and translate the divinity within me. My fears are now like tender kitten paws, which every now and then gently invite me to play – so easily to fall into love and thus to dissolve it. Nothing has more power over me. It’s so true and so magical and exotic at the same time. I am reborn every day. The frequency of divinity, the state of consciousness in the original state of being becomes stronger from day to day and it is becoming easier and easier for me to accept and hold this state and in situations where I tend to get angry or desperate, to swing myself up immediately. And everything outside goes with you. I am always drawing higher things into my life like a newly tuned magnet. Ellina accepts you as you are in the purest, truest love. She sees who you are and reminds you of that too. I love her so much. She always has the right words for you. And just when you address them personally from heart to heart, processes of knowledge happen even before a direct dialogue has taken place. For me personally it happens with the highest intensity. When you perceive this one feeling, just like to start something with Ellina. You feel magically attracted to her, then jump into her program. I now know what is meant by soul appointments and how great the potential of such gatherings is. Thats not from this world but it is in this world. Thank you.

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