I thank God and the universe from the deepest point of my heart that I met Ellina! In a larger Whatsapp group, she stood out from many with her special quality and touched me deeply without actually addressing me personally directly or specifically with this quality. Suddenly, and without my hoping for the like or thinking of it in any other way, my being had an incomparably greater joy, which flowed out of me in love and ease. At first I thought it was a coincidence, but this state lasts till now. Something even remotely comparable had not yet happened in my life through a single person! The comparison with an angel came to my mind. And the deep wish to thank her personally for this miracle occurred intensely. So it happened like that and i thanked her, and without my conscious plan of seriously let myself being coached by Ellina, it exactly happened like this like it had to…
Since that day my life has had a different quality, a different depth, a different size, a different value. The coaching gave me wings in the truest sense of the word! It not only returned my belief in myself, but increased it. It catapulted me to the highest heights and also enabled me to descend into my deepest depths. The scope of my self-image and my understanding of the big picture have exploded! Heaven couldn’t have sent me a better coach!!
Ellina is a wonderful soul who communicates with the field with exceptional clarity and purity. There
is so much light in it that darkness cannot really exist in her field. And thus also in your field. In all of this, she is so warm and loving that the coaching and your whole life can feel like being in love. Ellina is a precious gift from heaven to me! Her gifts are made for those who really want to take a big step forward and up and long for true growth. I feel deepest love and deepest gratitude for her!

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