Ellina Alexandrovna Schwarz

Ellina Alexandrovna Schwarz was born in Kazakhstan the 14th of July, 1991 and immigrated to Germany as a repatriate with her family at the age of 6.
She had her first visions when she was 4 years old. She already knew in her teenage years: Everything that happens, happens to serve the guidance of the soul and prepares her for her
mission here on earth.
In this life, Ellina chose the Shiva energy as her birthday, which explains her highly developed mental and spiritual abilities. This information can also be found in the palm leaf reading.
Ms. Schwarz follows each of her sacred soul impulses with her heart, which is an important aspect in her privileged work to live her own potential.
After a 6-month stay on the Canary Island, Ellina Alexandrovna now lives in the most beautiful places in true freedom and she serves with her pure heart all the people and conscious creators
who find their way to her.

“As an immortal soul, I have accepted my task with love and humility, to accompany the creators who have an appointment with me in this life in their truth and in the highest potential! Consciousness is the golden key to anything and all results that we want to achieve from the highest self. The reminding of the truth, the deep basic trust and the creative power in full potential want to be lived and experienced in us. Success, highest potential, real results, inner bliss and the uniqueness of everyone is the treasure of life which all can be felt through implementation in training. Focusing the practice with the cosmic laws and one’s own truth is the key for achieving the results coming from the highest self.
My experiences I have made during all this years as a multidimensional creator give everyone the opportunity to come into their own potential through seeing me as his soulmirror. In harmony with the cosmic laws. My extremely strong field of freedom in combination with real, true love within me, which can be felt, enables deep healing and transformation on all levels during our training. In addition, the best, simplest creative tools come in an effective training programme, with the results of being visible and tangible after a very short time.
I love my precious gifts, life and our creativity and see them in many of us.


Reality Shift Training

If we learn to align ourselves to our divine highest potential in every moment and to receive the divine highest potential in every moment, the divine abundance shows itself in everything. The cosmic laws work for each of us.
For this, the presence in the moment and your own soul frequency are essential. This is the training of dissolving old patterns, blockages, topics, energies, self-sabotage programmes, lies and more so you can create space within yourself for the truth and clarity.
Everyone has their own soul guidance. The conscious usage of the cosmic laws, allowing oneself to be guided and receiving one’s own soul impulses are the golden keys of daily training.

I am convinced that my Reality Shift programme is one of the cornerstones of the new timeline. Just like the presence and work of all creators who come into contact with me and truly free themselves from everything that they are not in truth. This includes fusion your business and your own life in harmony, so that it is a great pleasure to live it with your own gifts in your own potential, divinely serving the highest.

We work daily with the cosmic laws on the master level. And create creations of true soul greatness in this life through self-honesty, emotions and focus. Life is always for us, waiting for us
to live our true potential. I accompany you on this golden path to your goals of your heart and your desired income.

You are very welcome – to get to know me in a private analysis conversation. I look forward to your request.

All the best in every moment for us. “ ,

Ellina Alexandrovna Schwarz