First Energetic Session

Book your First Energetic Session Call with Ms. Ellina Alexandrovna Schwarz or a mentor from Ms. Schwarz's team directly if you do not feel a clear tendency yet towards one of the Reality Shift programmes “Divine.Me - Highest Identity” and “Sensual Magnetic Millionaire”.Divine.Me – Highest Identity“ und „Sensual Magnetic Millionär Leadership“ verspühren.
The First Energetic Session Call offers you the opportunity to find out if one of the Reality Shift programmes “Divine. Me - Highest Identity ”or“ Sensual Magnetic Millionaire Leadership ”is suitable for you.
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first energetic session
In the First Energetic Session Call we work with your soul frequency and receive all important information for you regarding your goals, wishes and current living conditions. Together we consider your current situation and your highest identity, which sets an individual, transformative process in motion.

It is important for this Energetic Call that you take a place that allows you to relax and where you are completely undisturbed during this time.

We work holistically with your subconscious mind, your consciousness and your superconsciousness directly from the highest self. The First Energetic Session Call takes place via the application Zoom. After booking, all the necessary access data will be sent to you by email.
Do not hesitate and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enjoy a First Energetic Session Call and receive important insights for you and your further career at this call.
According to the feedback from existing customers the initiated transformation in their personal life is worth gold.


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