“The Celebration of Lifemanifest.” Hits the energy at the core of the Reality Shift program me and my soul work as a conscious creator in this life perfectly.

We walk together the path of the manifestation of our true soul essence and freedom on all levels from the I-Am power.

We dissolve all restrictions and self-sabotage programs in an unique combination of live mentoring, daily reality shift training and the focus on the highest identity from the master level.

We work with our emotions and our soul as a conscious creator.

We train the anchoring of the soul frequency and the connection to the divine self in the conscious manifestation, every day. Everything is energy.

We are conscious creators, conscious creators in truth, manifesting together on a daily basis.

The development of the power of manifestation of everyone requires space, instruction, focus and dedication. The potentiation of this takes place through the true unique joy and ecstasy of every creator, in his or her truth.

The simple structure and effective millionaire creator tools enable, what previously seemed impossible.

Who are we in truth and what has each and every one of us come to in this life? As a conscious creator.

What does it take to live what you have come to do and to manifest it consciously in your life?

How can you serve in the highest and enjoy the most beautiful life while generating your desired income?

The balance in everything in harmony with your creative power is the deep core work in the legendary reality shift.

Our body is our sacred temple that we learn to take with us on this journey of manifestation.

Every aspect of us, as a conscious creator, both -shadow and light – wants to be lived, felt and loved.
Our desired income is directly related to our state of being.

Ecstasy and joy, love and gratitude are the basic building blocks in the daily legendary Reality Shift Training of the common manifestation from the Creator Consciousness and your desired income.



The depth within us is the depth of our perception, our life and our business at the same time.

A revolution of the new quality of manifestation and speed of transformation at the same time are the results of my work as a creator.

Another essential unique point is the combination and bridge to the conscious control, use and potentiation of our life force, which in truth is the sexual power and is therefore our creative force.

For a long time we humans valued and suppressed this energy.

The legendary mentoring, Reality Shift programme, gives you access to your desired income, to your true potential and inner bliss.

Through a special technique, which I teach precisely in Millionaire Leadership over a period of 6 months, you will be able to use your strength inexhaustibly for your vitality, rejuvenation and materialization of your soul vision and to consciously manifest and consciously learn manifestation.

We work and act on the master level from the I-Am power.

Breaking up limits
Inner child work as divine access
Transformation work in the soul mirror
Release blockages on all levels – everything is interrelated
Healing work of all lives – these are energetically interwoven.
Energy work in the live mastery sessions.
Daily mental work
Generate desired income
Activate and deepen spiritual skills.
Light code work multidimensionally.
Daily focused manifestation work in Reality Shift Training
Consciously initiate all aspects of life in divine reorganization.

We master ourselves in consciously determining and receiving from the true highest identity as creator, as creator in connection with the soul from the I-Am power.

Now is the moment we’ve been waiting for. It’s easier than ever. The quality of time enables us to ride the wave of manifestation and to receive the desired income in connection with inner work in the respective rooms.

I look forward to see you and I am deeply honored to accompany you on your golden path to truth and freedom.

In love,

Ellina Alexandrovna Schwarz