‚The one, who has had the pleasure of working with Ms. Elina Alexandrovna Schwarz, knows, how quickly holistic transformation can actually happen.‘
Your clear “YES – feeling” for your truth and your golden soul path into your purest essence is essential.
You have the option to book directly one of the two legendary reality shift programs ´Divine. Me – highest identity´ or ´Sensual Magnetic Millionaire Leadership´.
Do not hesitate to book a non-binding analysis session personally with Ms. Schwarz if you do not yet have a clear tendency to one of the programmes.
Most important to Ellina Alexandrovna is, that you achieve your results in accordance with your desires.

Reality Shift

The Reality Shift Program DIVINE.ME contains everything you need to receive a 5 to 6-digit income with a 10,000 Euro online business program that you can set up in four to six weeks – based on your skills and your uniqueness and raise your life in all aspects to a new level.
With a legendary daily Reality Shift Training of max. 20 minutes in the morning and evening, you transform yourself and your life into your highest identity. Once a week, Ms. Schwarz is personally available to you live in the Mastery Call. You will receive the complete material with the simple oneto- one implementation in your being fully booked out in 4 months. You can start with one month of ´ – Highest Identity´ and convince yourself of how intensely and deeply you start to live your true being. Look forward to the best investment you can give to yourself: A life from the higher self.

The Reality Shift programme ´Sensual Magnetic Millionaire Leadership´ is a primordial force in power and brings you to your first million within the 6 golden months.
You get to know your energy field as the magnetism of true love within you, enjoying your depth and your devotion to life for you and to let it work in full force.
A legendary combination of in-depth knowledge, effective core transformation work, mental training and daily heart-soul manifestation, you ride your „fully booked wave“ on the master level. With your unique 100,000 Euro “Sensual Magnetic Millionaire Leadership” programme, you will be successfully guided step by step to your goal every day.
We work in the Reality Shift „Sensual Magnetic Millionaire Leadership“ with ancient knowledge, which has so far been available to a very small group of people. You conquer your ecstasy, your true power and you break all limits of your precious true being on this life-changing path of truth.

Book your ´first Energetic Session-Call´ with Ms. Ellina Alexandrovna Schwarz or with a mentor from your team. If you do not yet have a clear tendency towards one of the Reality Shift programs ´Divine.Me – Highest Identity´ and ´Sensual Magnetic Millionaire Leadership´, the ´First Energetic Session-Call´ offers you the opportunity to find out which of these two programmes is suitable for you.